Loans For Non-traditional and New Generation Farmers

First South's goal is to be the premier provider of loan services to agricultural businesses of all shapes and sizes. As the business of farming continues to change over time, we constantly see new markets being served by new producers, and we are enthusiastic about meeting the challenges of serving these emerging business models. Likewise, we're ready to respond with our loan products, lines of credit, leasing options and good old-fashioned business sense.

Across the South, farmers are finding profitable new markets,. Often, they sell the same crops they already grow on a large scale—but into market niches that emphasize product characteristics sought by demanding customers looking for local, natural, organic, sustainable, or grass-fed products.

Indeed, farm business models based on meeting direct consumer demand are a growing part of agriculture. New Generation Farmers are often leaders in finding new ways to market, as in the case of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)—selling "shares" in the year's harvest, and often delivering directly to shareholders.

First South's special programs for Non-traditional and New Generation Farmers are adaptable enough to serve entirely new types of farm operations just as well as conventional farms.

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