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Supporting agricultural businesses of all shapes and sizes is our goal at First South.

As the business of farming continues to change over time, new markets are being served by new producers.

Direct-to-Consumer & Non-Traditional Farmers

Direct-to-Consumer or Non-Traditional farmers are focusing on growing local, natural, organic, sustainable, or grass-fed products to meet the demands of the modern consumer.

New Generation Farmers

New Generation Farmers are often leaders in finding new ways to market. In the case of Community Supported Agriculture, "shares" in the year's harvest are sold, and delivered directly to shareholders.

First South recognizes that Direct-to-Consumer, Non-Traditional, and New Generation farmers are a part of the future of agriculture and is prepared to meet their financial needs.

New Generation of Farming

In Lake Providence, LA, Nolan Parker and Matt Brown are doing just that. Their partnership, aptly named New Generation Farms, is the contradiction to that trend. These lifelong friends started their partnership in 2022 and are embracing the challenges that farming your own operation presents. 

Partner Spotlight: Mountain Sun Farm

“Without First South, we would not have been able to purchase this property,”

First South is committed to the future of agriculture and helping young farmers like the Simpsons grow their operations.